Screen Shots from the Alteer Office EHR by Antek HealthWare

UPDATE 2: This EHR is now called CGM CLINICAL™ (formerly Alteer Office®).

UPDATE: Antek HealthWare has been renamed to CompuGroup Medical and the official registered trademark is Alteer Office®.

These screenshots come from the Alteer Office EHR by Antek HealthWare.  From their website:

The new Alteer Office®, a fully integrated SaaS-based (Software as a Service) EHR and PM solution, offers a feature-rich version of an EHR allowing even the most tentative practitioners a software solution that is easy to implement and intuitive in both its design and use.

Built on pioneering workflow since 1996, Alteer Office handles all mission critical functions of any size medical practice by providing integrated EHR, scheduling, patient flow, communications, billing, and connectivity for medical practices. This affords cohesive operations, increased efficiency and control, and maximized reimbursement, documentation, and the highest level of patient care.

Visionary HealthWare’s experts can help you successfully transition to a highly effective and integrated practice management and electronic medical records system. The result – increased revenue, lower costs, and enhanced quality of care. Your practice will be positioned well for a future that will soon be driven by pay-for-performance.

For more information about the Alteer Office EHR by Antek HealthWare please visit their website.